We've got your fone covered
Sellfonez has a wide range of phone cases and screen protectors, as well as many other accessories!
We also offer solutions for family and businesses!
And we can repair most devices, whether it's a faulty phone or laptop!
Just give us a call or pop by to find out more!
Whether you're a family or a company, we can tailor a package for mulitple cases and screen protectors to meet your needs!
Discounts are available depending on the number of devices or accessories you need.
Repair packages for devices are also available!
We can repair your faulty or broken phone, tablet, laptop!
Most device repairs are handled in-house by a qualified technician and can be dealt with on the same day.
More extreme damaged devices such as Water Damage or IC Units are handled anat off-site repair center.
Repairs start from £10!
Just give us a call or pop by to find out more!
We stock a range of mobile phones, from new to used. We also buy new, used and broken mobile phones! Each new handset comes with a years' guarantee, and each used handset comes with 30 days' guarantee. If we do not have the Mobile Phone you want in stock, just leave a 10% deposit and we'll get it in!
Starting from £10!
We stock over a hundred different cases for nearly every Mobile Phone or Tablet Device available, with many different colours, designs and styles for each model! And if we don't have a case for your Mobile Phone or Tablet Device, we'll get some in, just for you!
Starting from £3!
Screen Protectors
We stock two types of Screen Protectors - Plastic and Tampered Glass. We can apply these to your Mobile Phone in store free of charge, ensuring that there aren't any pockets of air trapped between the Screen Protector and Mobile Phone.
Starting from £3 for Plastic and £6 for Tampered Glass!
We stock a vast variety of Chargers from the latest Mobile Phones to some of the more dated Mobile Phones. We also offer 2Amp Fast Chargers for most Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices
Starting from £5!
We stock a range of Powerbanks, from 1000mAh to 5000mAh. Never run out of juice!
Starting from £10!
USB Cables
We have a range of USB cables that connect to nearly every Mobile Phone and Tablet Device currently available.
Starting from £5!
We stock both earphones and headphones, depending on what you're after, including authentic and replicas.
Starting from £5!
Bluetooth Headsets & Speakers
We stock a range of both Bluetooth Headsets and Bluetooth Speakers
Starting from £10!
Memory Cards
If your Mobile Phone or Tablet Device needs more memory, we have all the sizes, ranging from 1GB in capacity to 64GB.
Starting from £4!
Flash Drives
We stock a variety of USB Flash Drives, some as small as 2GB, ranging all the way up to 64GB
Starting from £5!
SIM Cards
We stock a wide range of SIM Cards from all the networks: EE, O2, Vodaphone, Lyca, Lebara. Each SIM Card can be preloaded with credit too!
Starting from £1!
Top Ups
Top Up vouchers are available for all networks.
Starting from £5!
Selfie Sticks
Selfie Sticks are a popular accessory and whether you have a small smart phone or a large tablet phone, we have the right selfie stick for you!
Starting from £10!
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